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Cereus Poker Network was an online poker network comprising Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet. The site is now insolvent and not processing player withdrawals. Cereus is owned by a private company, Blanca Games. Blanca Games bought all Network assets in August 2010 from Tokwiro Enterprises.

Absolute poker scandal | Absolute poker scandal video ... Absolute poker scandal The story of how Absolute Poker got started isn’t completely clear. The general agreement is that it started from a group of students at the University of Montana. Online Site UltimateBet Issues Statement Regarding Unfair ... Tokwiro Enterprises ENRG (Tokwiro), proprietors of UltimateBet.com, today issued a formal statement detailing the complete results of an ongoing internal investigation into alleged unfair play on ... Absolute Poker Ultimate Bet Scandal - martinval.com

UltimateBet, Absolute Poker Reach Settlement to Reimburse

Within a matter of days, posters on 2+2 identified a number of accounts as having highly suspicious activity. They all played the same 60/40/aggressive style that was shared by NioNio and the superuser at Absolute Poker and all stopped playing around September 07, 2007 when the Absolute Poker scandal broke. Reviewing the Latest Developments in the Ultimate Bet Scandal The superuser scandal on UltimateBet (now UB.com) and Absolute Poker that rocked the online poker world just won’t die. A new round of accusations, information and reports has surfaced; here’s a look at what’s happened in recent weeks. Ultimate Bet Poker Scandal - Playbonusonlinecasino.com

Superuser Scandal Victims Sue Old UB | Subject: Poker

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März 2006 und dem 3. Dezember 2007 ein Spieler namens 'Nionio' einen unfairen Vorteil erlangt hatte, indem er, eine Sicherheitslücke ausnutzend, zum Superuser wurde und so die verdeckten Karten seiner Gegner sehen konnte. Gleiches war einige Monate zuvor auf der ebenfalls von Tokwiro Enterprises betriebenen Pokerseite Absolute Poker geschehen.

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